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Corporate Knowledge & Power

Not Enough Credit For an 
Aged Corp?

Many times our team run into business individuals with lack of corporate credit knowledge. It is fundamental to become educated on how much credit is needed for your worthy Aged Corporation, what makes sense and where it needs to land on the business reporting scale. Having a 80 paydex score is not just the only thing that meets the eye of a bank's underwriter. Find out what you need to succeed.

The difference. 
Buying Published Vs 

Who's looking?  The banks!  They matter.  Tried purchasing an age corp for funding purposes and things didn't go well?

Tried purchasing a seasoned corp only to find out it isn't fundable?  Published corporations typically don't work well for business individuals who bought a dusty aged corp that has been dissolved and was reinstated.  The banks don't like that... when your company needs money from them they notice everything.  Understand why.

The difference. 
Age Vs Shelf

New business owners tend to start off with very little understanding for laying the proper foundation for their businesses.  Many fail and very few succeed.

Starting off with the proper setup can help you avoid many future issues for the inexperienced.  Before you purchase any new corporation, explore your options so you don't loose money, time or peace of mind.  Find out what's right for you!

Understanding Corporate Packages

Seasoned Corps
 Being aware.

When people think of a corporation they may think of Legal Zoom.  Although Legal Zoom is one of the fastest growing companies, zooming for funding isn't the best way out or in.  When purchasing any legal zoom corporations, ask yourself what is your main goal?  What are you trying to do?  Will you need startup capital for your business immediately?  These are some things that business individuals pay little attention to because of their excitement for getting started. Some companies that zoom you a fresh corp do not give you the information you really need to make a sound decision for you business. This is the most crucial time when  laying down your proper foundation.  Our expertise gives us an edge. Before you purchase a new corp, evaluate your intentions and address your concerns with a business consultant.


The safest way to purchasing corporate credit is by re assigning debt.  That simply means that a company has debt and has the ability to re assign it to whomever. In this case, the debt would be reassigned to your existing aged corp.  Re assigned debt can be sold personally or corporately.  It is sold at a discount, uploaded and reported to the bureaus.  In some cases, companies will sell you debt  by calling the bureaus and reporting it only to find out that the bureaus will call back to verify. Here is where they  find out that debt hasn't been assigned to the purchaser. This is called piggy backing. When banks find out, they "red flag" companies and you will not be able to establish credit at all. 

Tradeline Uploads

Understand the proper trade-lines that your business need.  Sometimes business individuals place trade-lines on with lack of understand on how it works and what doesn't.  Placing trade-lines on the wrong business bureaus  can become a hassle causing redundant uploads.  Don't waste anymore time.  Let the experts assist you and make your business moves a successful one.  Who do you upload to? Are your business lines qualifying you for funding privileges?  These are a few reporting agencies that make the funding process go smoothly. 

Dun and Brad

Experian Business

Equifax Business

SBFE Business


Knowledge takes many to higher heights. 

Corporate Guidelines for Funding

Know What Makes the Underwriter Tick

When it comes to looking for the pot of gold at the end of business structuring, underwriters have specific evaluation points.  Even though your intentions could be to purchase an existing corporation, it still needs to have proper business legitimacy. Does your company exist in the current market place?  

Does your organization offer value? What is the validity of your business model?  Nothing makes a bank more happier knowing that they can see potential/profit gain. Does your company have sustainability in the industry in which you compete in?  They want to make sure they are lending to the experienced and not the rookie.  This is why it is imperative to have an unpublished seasoned corp to leap you to the next level in your business endeavors.  Take advantage of free 30 min consultation

Corporate Requirements &

The root word for corporation is "Corp."  With that said, it is a dead entity that is being brought to life by you and/or your principles. It needs everything a living person needs in a capitalist nation.  To run a successful corporation it will need a few things to get started.  Things like...


Articles of Incorporation

Minutes Foreign Filings

Duns Numbers

A tad bit far fetched?   We can help. 

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Funding Gateway

Most companies are favorable when they are at least 3 years of age.   For the maximum funding ability, age matters.  Would you rather 15k for starters or 250k?  We make sure your company is setup with phone numbers, office attendants, directory services and listings, registered business listings, websites, business credit, personal guarantors and other special needs your company may need to succeed such as business funding for startups. You will, also, make sure you are in compliance with the proper sic codes. The banks love to do business with their chosen ones.  Not all businesses are treated equally, sorry to say. Lenders want to feel comfortable lending and the first check for comfort is SIC codes.  That's basically what your business is all about.  Learn what needs to be done so things could be done right the first time.


Corporate Success

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