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Endless Possibilities 

When Using Credit.

Personal Credit Audit

Start off by understanding what can and can not be done. What should and should not be done when it comes to your credit. We can offer you a clear and non cookie cut understanding of how credit works and the best way to make it work for you.  No matter what your situation may be, there is a solution for it all. Enhance your credit profile by opting out of certain companies that have no right to report to the credit bureaus.  Book an appointment with us so we can discuss your personal financial needs. All Credit Audits will require a client intake data sheet upon initial consultation. Initial paid services will be applied to any continued credit services. In short, initial fees paid will be deducted from remaining balance. ***Note: This does not included trade line enhancement.*** 

Credit Score Enhancement

Once you have a clear understanding of how you can use your credit and not allow it to use you, here is where the magic begins with the knowledge of "How To." After your personal audit on your personal credit profile, you can take the opportunity to move forward with our expertise or work on your credit with the recommendations given during the "credit audit" consultation. Here is where you can take it to the next step by making numbers work for you with our credit evaluation services. With the knowledge of building your credit profile and fico scores, you can make wonders become reality and you can create a more rewarding life with a great plan or business idea. We can show you how by booking an appointment now! Book a consultant.

Personal Funding 

Need seed capital to get an idea jump started?  Use your (newly) enhanced scores to help you get to the next level in business. Never feel nervous when it comes to using your credit for your own success. Would you rather buy a new car and get in debt or use the same credit to help you fund your project and stay above the average? This is where the fun takes place!!!  Let us show you the magic of using credit and not allowing it to use you. We can assist you in getting the seed capital and turning that into your springboard capital with our personal funding program. Book an appointment and let us show you how.

Corporate Structure

Is your company ready for the next level? Whether it's from "Sole Proprietor" to "LLC" to fully Incorporated or even Private Placement Memorandums, we can help! Let us show you what can be done. Has your company been around for more than 3 years and you are ready for financial adjustment?  We can do a consultation with you on how to take your company to the very next level with corporate credit knowledge and enhancements. Book an appointment with our financial consultants for an evaluation. First 30 min are free. Paid 

services. Click here       for free webinar. Find out if we are right for you. 

Become A Personal Guarantor

With all the score credit remedies, becoming a personal guarantor is ideal for kick starting a corporation off in the right direction.  With your own business ideals you can control your corporation at ease with the knowledge on how to and make the best of your credit while protecting your personal side as you become a corporation.   Find out more on how you can use your credit to make you the successful person or entity you may have only dreamt of.  With knowledge comes power.  Allow us to show you how to be at your best fully rounded and ready with a clear game plan to success, using our 60 years of experience to help you along the way.  Book your appointment now. 

Ready to get started? 

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