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Financially Structured

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Our company (Alpha Incorporated) wishes all who visit, great success!  Whether it is with us or not.  Although, we would find great pleasure in assisting if you'd allow us to show you the same path that has led many of our clients down a successful road. Our company is filled with many years of experience and tons of knowledge the average business man or woman may not have explored, yet. Working with us would be a step up from the norm when dealing with financial enhancement assistance, purchasing a corporation, credit card audits, credit enhancement, business funding solutions, personal and/or business tradelines. We present funding opportunities, personal growth and excellent customer service. Explore what we do and book a consultant for all of your personal and business needs because we could never express every little detail at the click of a button.

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Our Offered Services

Our Services
Credit Audits

Instead of paying for a repairer to straighten out your credit flaws, try an audit first.  Our credit repair specialists are here to help.  You may not need anything but education to straighten a few things out.  Many people do not understand how this credit thing goes and they end up paying for services they might not need.  Book an appointment for a 30 min credit evaluation on your credit profile.

Credit Enhancement

Once you have realized what your scores are all about, you can proceed with us or take it from there.  If you decide to allow us to guide you in the right directions completely, we will assist you with the best options available that will yield the greater reward.  Whether you are trying to purchase a home or buy a new car, we can help with credit enhancement services.

Personal Tradelines

Many people are familiar and many are not when it comes to personal tradelines and authorized users. What they may not be privy to is how they work.  Which ones are best? How long do they stay on? And so on. Many people find themselves spending time and money on something that didn't give them what they needed because of lack of knowledge.  Don't go in like most. Find out what you need so you don't spend your wheels. 

Funding Assistant

If you think tradelines are all you need to get what you want, you are sadly mistaking. There is a process and great details behind it all.  If guidance has never been given, don't take pride in yourself.  Let us assist you with smart corporate funding solutions so this can become a one time shot and perpetual success.

Corporate Product Knowledge 

We take pride in our knowledge.  We have years of experience and knowledge in the corporate  funding process. Our work is detailed and we only work with the best in the industry.  We have over 70 years of knowledge, and we're ready to offer it to those who are serious about the next level.  Take pride in our team because we take pride in our work. 

Shelf/Aged & Unpublished   Corporation   Sales 
Setup & Tradelines

We can provide all of your business needs.  We will start with product knowledge and take you to the pot of gold.  With a cooperation, we can get you there.  Need a seasoned corp?  We have that! Looking for business trade-lines?  We have that, too!  Need to fund?  No problem!  If you have the idea, we can give you the road map.  


Thank you Alpha Incorporated for helping me with my business troubles.  Your expertise is like no other. These guys go far and beyond when it comes to assistance. 

Tiffany Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

Ready to move forward?

If you have personal needs and wish to look into your credit understanding, book an appoint.  Fees are applied. Once the audit is completed, you have the ability to proceed with us and any initial fees will be put toward your future services. 

First 30 mins free, B2B consultations.  

Find out if its right for you!!!

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